Harayana GK Question

Haryana GK in English-50 One liner Question and Answer

Haryana General Knowledge Question In this post, we have discussed the most important general knowledge Question of Haryana which will help you in the State-level exam of Haryana. These 50 one Liner Questions and answer are mostly asked in a previous year exam of HSSC, HTET or any other exam of Haryana. Que1: What’s the ...
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Himachal Pradesh gk question in hindi

Himachal Pradesh Geography in Hindi | GK for HPPSC

List of Top 50 general knowledge question in hindi for HPPSC exam or any other State Level Exam of Himachal Pradesh | हिमाचल प्रदेश के सबसे महतवपूर्ण जनरल नॉलेज प्रशन Q 1. हिमाचल प्रदेश का कुल भौगोलिक क्षेत्रफल कितना है? उत्तर – 55673 वर्गमीटर। किमी Q 2. हिमाचल का गठन कब किया गया था? उत्तर ...
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uttarpradesh gk question

Uttar Pradesh most important general Knowledge question in Hindi

General knowledge questions are the most important part of any government entrance exam or any competitive exam. following are some most important questions related to Uttar Pradesh general knowledge. If you are preparing for UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh public service commission ) or any other government exam then these questions will help you Que1: वो कोनसे ...
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Uttarakhand Gk in hindi

List of Top 30 most important General knowledge question of Uttarakhand in Hindi

उत्तराखंड राज्य से संभंधित सरकारी परीक्षाओ मैं सबसे ज्यादा पहुंचे गए टॉप 50 प्रशनो की सूची उत्तर सहित निचे दी गयी है | यह पप्रशन उत्तराखंड की किसी भी परीक्षा जैसे की UKPSC,UKSSSC और अन्य कई परीक्षाओ के लिए बहुत ही इम्पोर्टेन्ट है | परीक्षा से पहले एक बार इन प्रशनो को जरूर पढ़े | ...
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UTTARAKHAND history gk in hindi

Uttarakhand history GK question in Hindi | उत्तराखंड GK in Hindi

Most important history gk question of Uttarakhand in Hindi which is important for UKPSC, PCS, patwari, etc. or any other govt exam | उत्तराखंड history GK question in Hindi Que1:वो कोनसा वंश है जिसके शासक कनकपाल रहे है ? Ans1:पंवार वंश Que2:उत्तरकाण्ड मैं पहली बार वन पंचायतो का गठन कब किआ गया ? Ans2:1931 Que3:टिहरी ...
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Research Centre in india

List of Important Research Centers in India

Research Centers in India The Growth of every Country depends on the development of its Research Center in various fields. there are many research Center in India and each center has its own Field to work on.  Central Research Institute is a leader in its field of vaccines not only in India ...
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List of Most Important Abbreviations for Government Exam

List of Important Abbreviations :  ZSI: Zoological Survey of India. VAT: Value Added Tax. UIDAI: Unique Identification Authority of India. UID: Unique Identity Number YWCA: Young Women’s Christian Association. SYL: Sutlej-Yamuna Link. SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. SWIFT: Society for World-Wide International Financial Transaction. SIM: Subscriber Identification Module. SCRAMJET: Supersonic Combustion Ramjet. RTGS: ...
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Superlatives of India

Important Superlatives of India ( भारत के सबसे प्रसिद्ध स्थान )

Indian Superlatives 1-The Highest Airport: Leh (Ladakh). 2-The Largest Planetarium: Birla Planetarium (Kolkata). 3-The biggest River Island: Majuli Brhamputra River (Assam). 4-The Highest Battlefield: Siachen Glacier. 5-The Largest River Without Delta: Narmada and Tapti. 6-The Deepest River Valley: Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. 7-The largest Artificial Lake: Dhebar Lake/Jaisamand Lake (Rajasthan). 8-The Longest Glacier: ...
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