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Top 50 General Knowledge question for SSC 2019

SSC CGL general awareness question

You are preparing for SSC CGL exam if your answer is yes then these 50 questions will help you to check or enhance your General Awareness Section.SSC Gk question in Hindi | List of top 50 general knowledge question in Hindi for SSC CGL exam | Mostly asked general knowledge question in Hindi.

Ques 1: The Famous lagoon lake in India is?

Ans: Chilka Lake

Ques 2: By which civilization the world first drainage system was invented?

Ans: Indus Valley Civilization

Ques 3: Where did Lord Buddha (god of peace) Breathe his last?

Ans: Kushinagar

Ques 4: When did Ayushman Bharat Yojana was launched?

Ans: 25 September.

Ques 5: Indian constitution Describe India as?

Ans: A union of states.

Ques 6: A federal structure for India was first put forward by the?

Ans: Act of 1939.

Ques 7: The Disease caused by Asbestos?

Ans: Emphysema (common lung Disease)

Ques 8: Which enzyme Digests Proteins in the stomach?

Ans: Pepsin.

Ques 9: By which Organic Compound all The oils are Known?

Ans: Hydrocarbon.

Ques 10: What is the name of the electronic communication network of the Reserve Bank of India?


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Ques 11: In India Minorities rights day observed on?

Ans: 18th December.

Ques 12: Which Planet look reddish in The Night Sky?

Ans: Mars.

Ques 13: If the Price of an Inferior Good fall, its demand?

Ans: Rises.

Ques 14: Nano Technology Deals with objects with Dimensions in the range of?

Ans: 10 -9

Ques 15: Raga Kameshwari was Composed By?

Ans: Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Ques 16: Which Part of Indian constitution deals with “Fundamental Rights”?

Ans: Part III.

Ques 17: Which element is used for Vulcanization Rubber?

Ans: Sulphur.

Ques 18: Name of The iron ore which contains 72% of iron?

Ans: magnetite.

Ques 19: “World Economic Report” is published By?

Ans: International Monetary Fund.

Ques 20: What is the capital of Ukraine?

Ans: Kyiv.

Ques 21: Right to Property was removed from the list of fundamental rights during which rule?

Ans: Monarji Desai Government.

Ques 22: In Plants Water is Transported By?

Ans:  Xylem.

Ques 23: During Photosynthesis Plant Absorbs?

Ans: Carbon dioxide.

Ques 24: The Jawaharlal Nehru Awards is Given for?

Ans: International Understanding.

Ques 25: who discovered blood group?

Ans: Karl Landsteiner.

Ques 26: Programs Stored in a ROM are called as?

Ans: Firmware.

Ques 27: What was the capital of the ancient Cholas kingdom?

Ans: Thanjavur.

Ques 28: Where is NFAI (National Film Archives of India) Located?

Ans: Pune.

Ques 29 : Convectional Rainfall Occurs in?

Ans: equatorial regions.

Ques 30: The term “Green GNP” Emphasises?

Ans: Sustainable Development.

Ques 31: Mughal Painting Reached to its highest Point under the reign of which king?

Ans: Jahangir.

Ques 32: Glass is a?

Ans: Supercooled Liquid.

Ques 32: The Age of the tree is calculated by its?

Ans: Growth rings.

Ques 33: Who is the Supreme Commander of Forces in India?

Ans: President Of India.

Ques 34: Ryder Cup is related with which sports?

Ans: golf

Ques 35: Lambert’s law is associated with?


Ques 36: Who invented optical fiber?

Ans- Narinder Kapany

Ques 37: Jaundice is caused due to infection at which part of the body?

Ans- Liver.

Ques 38: Plant growing on rocks are known As?

Ans- Lithophytes

Ques 39: Who invented the X-ray?

Ans-Wilhelm Conard Roentgen

Ques 40: Under which article Election commission is established?


Ques 41: where is Lothal city located?

Ans- saagwala(Gujrat)

Ques 42: Headquarter of UNESCO is situated in?

Ans- Paris (France)

Ques 43: What is obtained after polymerization of PVC?

Ans-Vinyl chloride.

Ques 44: The Term Epicentreis associated with?

Ans: Earthquake.

Ques 45: The Word “Dendritic” is associated with?

Ans: Rivers.

Ques 46: The living standard of Living of the country is Represented By its?

Ans: Per Capita Income.

Ques 47: Radiant Energy Having Lowest Energy is?

Ans: Microwave Radiation.

Ques 48: In green light, Ross appears?

Ans: Black.

Ques 49: Pasteurization of milk means?

Ans: Heating Milk to above 62 degree C.

Ques 50: Minerals Constituents of Chlorophyll is?

Ans: Magnesium.

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