General Awareness Quiz 1

Welcome to your General Awareness Quiz 1  

Date:November 15, 2019

Total Time:10 min

Total no. of Questions: 20 question

Total no. of marks:40 marks

Which Institution has the final authority to interpret the Constitution of India?
Fixed Foreign Exchange Rate can be changed by 
Which country is in the process of building the largest single Aperture Radio Telescope - FAST
Polio is caused by?
At Barren Island, the only active volcano in India is situated in ?
Energy travels from Sun to Earth through?
Who was the first lady Governor of an Indian State?
Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by?
Which of the following deserts is rich in gold reserves?
The minimum number of members that must be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is?
Companion cells are unique to?
The Taj Mahal is called 'a dream in marble'. Which monument is called as 'a dream in stone'?
Which dynasty was ruling in Vijaynagar empire at the time of the Battle of Talikota?
Name the gas used in preparation of bleaching powder?
.The prestigious 'Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding' is instituted by?
The unit of measurement of noise is?
The World's largest island is?
Sea water is saltier than rain water because?
Which monument is known as "The National Monument of India"?
The word 'Satyameva Jayate' have been derived from which Upanishad?

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