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Haryana GK in English-50 One liner Question and Answer

Harayana GK Question

Haryana General Knowledge Question

In this post, we have discussed the most important general knowledge Question of Haryana which will help you in the State-level exam of Haryana. These 50 one Liner Questions and answer are mostly asked in a previous year exam of HSSC, HTET or any other exam of Haryana.

Que1: What’s the Population of Haryana as per 2011 Census is–
Ans– 25,351,462

Que2: Which is the highest populated city in Haryana?

Que4. Which city in the Haryana is largest in area wise?
Ans– Bhiwani with area5,140 sq km.

Que5. What’re the official languages are of Haryana?
Ans-Official Languages – Hindi / Punjabi, Local Language –
Haryanvi (Dialect)

Que6. Which district of Haryana is known as ShripadJana pad?
Ans– Kurukshetra

Que7. When was Mahmood Gaznabi attacks Thaneshwar?
Ans– AD 1014

Que8. How many numbers of districts were there at the time of Haryana established?
Ans– Only Seven

Que9. Who launches the Sandesh of Weekly Magazine?
Ans–Nekiram Sharma

Que9. Who was Haryana’s Freedom fighter who later became CM of Haryana?
Ans- Ch Devilal

Que10. Which city isn’t the Part of Panchkula Police Commissionerate?
Ans– Ambala

Que11. Srikantha district is known as?

Que12. Who was the ruler of Rewari during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar?
Ans–Hemchandra( Hemu )

Que13. In Haryana, Ashoka Topra Stambha founded in the district of?
Ans– Ambala

Que14. The script of Ashoka Stambha is?
Ans– Brahmi

Que15. After whose name was Kurukshetra is christened?
Ans– King Kuru

Que16. In which place of Bhiwani District does the Baba’s Kherewala fair places at Raksha Bandhan?

Que17. Total number of Villages in Haryana?
Ans– 6,850

Que18. How many numbers of Tehsils, Sub-tehsils, Blocks, cities & towns are in Haryana?
Ans–Tehsils are83, SubTehsils are47, Blocks are 126, Cities &towns are 154

Que19. The Atlas Industry situated in?
Ans– Sonipat.

Que20. Which district of Haryana is known as the Bowl of Rice is?
Ans- Karnal

Que21. Who’s known as an Architect of Bhakra Dam?
Ans- Ch Chhotu Ram

Que22. When did Haryana & Punjab Boundaries come into existence?
Ans– 20th April 1966

Que23. Who was the bestowed with the Title of Haryana Kesari?
Ans–Nekiram Sharma

Que24. Who’s known as Haryana Iron man?
Ans– Ch Bansilal

Que25. Who’s Haryana humorous poet?
Ans– Surender Sharma

Que26. The Tomb of Challis Hafiz is situated in?
Ans– Hisar

Que. When was the famous Battle of Panipat begins between Akbar & Hemu?
Ans– In the Year 1556

Que28. What was the Literacy rate in Haryana According to the 2001 Report?
Ans– 67.9%

Que29. The Indus Valley Civilization is discovered by whom?
Ans- R.S. Bisht

Que30. In the Year of 1857 at which place of Haryana is the Mutiny began?
Ans– Ambala Cantonment

Que31. Who was the Nawab of  Bahadurgarh in the year 1857 during Mutiny time?
Ans– Mohan Singh

Que32. Who was led Pataudi during the year of 1857 Mutiny?
Ans–Akbar Ali

Que33. In which district of Haryana Gandhiji was arrested on 30th July 1919?
Ans– Hisar

Que34. Name the parts which Ghaghara Yamuna Doab is divided in?
Ans- Bangar& Khadar

Que35. What’s the Height of the Shivalik Mountains are varying from?
Ans- 900 to 2,300 Meters

Que36. Panipat city of Haryana is also Known as?
Ans- city of weavers

Que37. How many numbers of lakes are in Haryana?
Ans- Six

Que38. Name the 6 lakes of Haryana?
Ans- Bibipur, Najaphgarh, Badkhal, Karan, Jahajgarh, Sultanpur

Que39. When we’re all villages of Haryana are electrified?
Ans- In November 1970

Que40. Who has won the Bronze medal in Women Wrestling at Rio Olympic & became the 1st wrestler to win Olympic Medal &the 4th Women of India to win medals?
Ans- Sakshi Malik

Que41. Who is the constitutional Head of the state government?
Ans- Governor

Que42. Who appointed the chairman of the state public service?
Ans-The Governor

Que43. Motilal Nehru Sports School situated in which city of Haryana?
Ans-Sonipat ( Rai )

Que44.Haryana Vikas Party Founded by?
Ans- Chaudhary Bansilal

Que45. Under which article the provision in the State of Public Service Commission shows?
Ans-Article of 315 

Que46. How the Governor appoints District Magistrate?
Ans-With the consent of the Council of Ministers & the state

Que47.Jat Gazette was Published from which city of Haryana?

Que48.Advocate General of State appointed by?

Que49.Which state has the Highest ratio of Electrified Villages in India?

Que50. Where is the headquarter of Mahendragarh district are in Haryana?
Ans- Narnaul



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